Phelps Fullerton is the creative impetus behind Fullerton Associates and has been actively involved in all phases of residential design and construction for over 20 years. Fullerton Associates is a seacoast New Hampshire based house design company that works in tandem with clients to provide them with creative design solutions for innovative and inspiring living spaces.

Single family residential designs are created with an emphasis on open floor plans that tailor light, space and form to the individual needs and priorities of each client. Good design should not only fulfill the client's aesthetic and budgetary requirements, but in the process develop character and personality in a home which reflects their lifestyle.

Much of the inspiration for the homes shown on the portfolio link is drawn from classic Shingle Style influences of the late 19th century and the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century, re-interpreted for the 21st century. An emphasis is placed on the compatible use of construction materials and design details appropriate for each architectural style, and integrating them together to balance the design upon each unique site.

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